Rank it: Lux

Over the course of the last months I read all five books of the Lux series and I liked it a lot. It was a fun read and highly enjoyable. I liked all five books so this ranking does not mean that some books were bad. I just liked some books even more than others. And yes, the covers are unbelievable cheesy and awful.


Lux#5 Opposition (Book 5)

Unfortunately this conclusion of the Lux series felt rushed and not really thought trough for me. I hated the beginning. Really hated it. I thought about putting the book down because it was so bad for me. Also the writing stood out to me in this book but not in a good way. The writing was bad and felt like it should be how teenagers speak but it was just not. I liked the epilogue though and the quitter scenes with Katy and Daemon so the book was not totally bad.







#4 Opal (Book 3)

This book was a typical in between book. Nothing much happens. The thing with the Opal was annoying and everything that happens is predictable. Of course at the ending Daemon and Katy get separated, who didn’t see that coming? And why trust Blake? I did not care for any other characters than Katy and Daemon. They had some cute moments together but I was happy that this book was over.







#3 Onyx (Book 2)

This book was okay. I liked that finally things happen and that there was more action. But Katy was so stupid. All the lying and not trusting Daemon was idiotic. Why doesn’t she trust him? Of course, because of her bad judgment and pride so much bad is happening to her, Daemon and his family. I must say the ending was good and it got me to want to read the next book soon.







#2 Obsidian (Book 1)

I really liked the first book even if it makes clear that this book series will be shallow and superficial. But somehow it was still a fun and fast read. I wanted a series to read between fantasy and dystopian books that is light and simple, and the Lux series was perfect for that. The first book was so similar to twilight that is kind of funny to read. The ending was a mess and the writing not really great but besides that the scenes between Daemon, Dee and Katy were not bad. I loved the scenes they had in the high school and at least Katy does not let Daemon walk all over her.






#1 Origin (Book 4)

This was by far my favourite book in the series. It was fast paced and we discover so many new things about the aliens and the government. Katy and Daemon were so cute together end the entire book kept me at the edge of my seat. I wanted to know what happened with them and I wanted to know more about the Origin. This really pushed me to reading the last book in the series.


Top 5 Greatest Fictional Couples (TV)

I love TV series and one thing I love about them is, when TV creates kind hearted and authentic romance. This happens rarely but I have some TV couples that made us envy their relationship and that could easily have existed in real life.



# 5: Pam and Jim from The Office

I loved how Pam and Jim’s relationship evolved over time. First they were co-workers, and then they were friends, then became a couple and married and had children. This happen slow and without a lot of drama. It was just so real. He waited for her and the fact that he bought the engagement ring when they first started dating is so cute. Pam and Jim are always loving and caring about each other and you envy them for having such a harmonic and stable relationship.



# 4: Adam and Christina from Parenthood

Adam and Christina are the perfect couple in every way. They are amazing parents and handle the challenges of having a child with Asperger’s so well. If I have kids I want to be like them because they are so loving and supporting. And no matter what hardships the two of them have to face, you can fell their love for each other. When Christina gets’s cancer in season 4 of the show Adam was there for her every step of the way. He even got her marihuana from his brother to help the chemo side effects. Nothing can break these two apart, they are such an awesome couple.



# 3: Mindy and Danny from The Mindy Project

Even if Mindy and Danny are a new couple, they have a steady and intense relationship. From the start of the show it is clear that they will get together. Also the break-up was inevitable because it is classic TV drama. But now they are back for good and I’m sure this relationship will stick. They are such a funny couple and the fact that they are complete opposites (Danny is a neat freak and Mindy an obsessive chaotic) will make me love every time they interact with each other. Also the new season will change the course of their relationship completely and I can’t wait to see how they handle the new circumstances.



# 2: Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation

When Leslie first met Ben in Parks and Recreation I wanted so bad that they get together. And then it happened and they are one of the most romantic and lovely couples on TV. They are there for each other and support one another, come what may. The scene where Ben proposes to Leslie had me in tears because it was so honest and touching. The odds were not in the favour but the conquered all obstacles and are now stronger than ever. I know in my heart they will never ever break up.



# 1: Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights

For me there is no greater married couple than Mr. & Mrs. Coach. They love and support each other, no matter what. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are incredibly believable in their roles. This may be the most authentic portray of marriage that has ever been in TV. Watching them, you feel like you watch a real couple with real issues. And they give you the feeling that you want exactly what the two of them have. You can feel that their bond is so strong that they will never break up and especially in TV this is rare.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

“I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”

23384157Dash finds this message written in a red notebook in his favourite book store. 16-year-old Lily left that notebook there waiting just for the right guy to retreat it and conquer it’s challenges. It so happened that a few days before Christmas, the Christmas-hating Dash picks up the notebook and soon finds himself on a scavenger hunt al around New York City.

The two strangers get to know each other only by their entries in the notebook. They push each other to try new things and tell each other their secrets, dreams and wishes. But how well can you know someone who you have never met? And what if you idealize this person too much in your head? Can Dash and Lily compete with their notebook versions of themselves?

This book was such a cute and loveable reading experience. It brought Christmas spirit and is a great book to read over the holidays. I loved that the plot was not only set in New York but New York as a city played a big role in this book. Dash and Lily are flawed characters. Lily is very naive and Dash finicky. They are very different characters but seem to complete each other. Great was also that they got to know each other not through social media or other modern communications through a book. Also the story starts in a book store so for book lovers this is the perfect book.

I had a little bit of trouble with Lily’s immaturity but I guess at 16 this is okay. Dash got on my nerves sometimes because he is a wordsmith and likes to use big words that are not always fitting for the situation. But other than that I loved the book. The characters were all really likeable. The pacing was great and the book had some truly deep moments of thought. I loved that the book discusses the issue of the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend and comes to the conclusion that maybe there is no such thing. So if you are searching for a cute and not too cheesy book for the holidays, this is definitely a good choice.


Readable ♥♥♥♥♥

Loveable ♥♥♥♥