My Life Next Door

The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, messy, affectionate. And every day from her rooftop perch, Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them . . . until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everything.

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Samantha Rees comes from a cold and unloving family. Her sister is away on vacation for the summer and her mother is a senator and running for office again. Samantha spends most of her time at her summer job or alone in her big house. So she looks over her fence to watch the big and loving family the Garrett’s, her neighbours. When Sam meets Jase Garrett she is suddenly part of the life next door herself. She falls in love with Jase and also his family. But she comes from another world and soon the reality is catching up with Sam and Jase.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick is a novel about family relationships and first love. I loved Sam and Jase even if Jase is too good to be true. I thought the story was great. Sam and Jase took their relationship slow and got to know each other slowly. There was no instalove which was so refreshing. And above all I loved the Garretts. They are a wonderful family. I myself would love to be part of their loving and warm home. So for me as an only child this was the perfect book because I also did always admire kids from big families. I felt a lot like Samantha growing up. Maybe this is part of why I loved this book so much. I read this book after a reading slump and it helped me get out of it really fast. It is just such a cute contemporary love story and there was none of the typical high school drama.

I would recommend My Life Next Door for everyone who is searching for a genuine first love story and has no problem reading something without instalove. This is a book about love, friendship and family. It is for everyone and the characters are so loveable. Definitely one of my favourite contemporary reads.


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These Broken Stars Book Review

The high tech space ship Icarus crashed. No one knows why but it went down on a foreign planet. The only two survivors are Lilac and Tarver. Lilac is the only daughter of the richest man in the universe. She is the heiress to her father’s company and everyone in the galaxy knows Lilac. Tarver on the other hand is soldier and war hero. He did not grow up in wealth like Lilac. So these two characters are totally different and make no good team at all. But they have to start working together because that is their only chance of survival. Lilac and Tarver embark on journey to safety through an unknown plant were weird things are happening. And I don’t mean that the two very different young people become fond of each other.

these broken stars

These broken Stars is a survival story disguised as a romance in outer space with a little bit of mystery. It has some romantic parts but there is not too much romance. I liked the characters very much and there is more to them that meets the eye. This book is co-written by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner and their writing is very versatile. The two authors have very different writing styles and I could always tell without reading the caption, whose chapter it is. You can clearly differentiate between Lilac and Tarvner and I loved it because this is something rare in duo point of views. There are some twists and turns that I did not expect.

This book is not fast paced. It takes some time to get to know the characters. The story picks up at the last 150 pages. But power trough the slower part because it gets really good and the ending is great. Unfortunately there is not a lot of world building. There are some scenes with space travel and glimpses of the world but it was not enough for me. The book is really short so I don’t get why there is so little world building and explaining but maybe this will come in the next book in this series. This shattered World is going to be released in late December. The Starbound novels are also in talks of becoming a TV show. I’m not quite sure if this story would work as a TV show though because there is a lot of inner monologue and the two perspectives are important to the story.

A lot of people are comparing this book with Under the Never Sky which I also have read. I did not like Under the Never Sky as much as I liked These broken Stars. In this book the characters seem more mature and also the whole story is more evolved than the one in Under the Never Sky. I did not love this book but I it was still a great book but maybe a little too short. So if you like survival stories pick this one up and tell me how you liked it.


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This is Falling

English version below

This is Falling von Ginger Scott ist ein New Adult Buch, das alles hat, was das Frauenherz begehrt. Es ist kitschig, dramatisch, traurig und gleichzeitig unglaublich Süß. Endlich haben wir eine passable Alternative zu Nicholas Sparks und Cecelia Ahern gefunden, denn Ginger Scott weiß zwar auch, wie sie unseren Tränendrüsen auf die Sprünge helfen kann, trotzdem rinnt uns bei This is Falling nicht gleich sämtlicher Schmalz entgegen.

this-is-falling-by-ginger-scottRowe ist 18 und beginnt wie so viele andere junge Leute, gerade das College. Sie ist nun weg von dem sicheren Kokon, der ihr zu Hause war und auf sich selbst gestellt. Doch anders als ihre Mitschüler, hat sie viel tiefer gehende Wunden und Ängste. Für Rowe ist das College eine Feuerprobe, die sie bestehen muss, um endlich wieder leben zu können. Da stellt sich die Frage, ob der hübsche, gut aussehende und muskulöse Erstsemester Nate, dem sie bereits am ersten Tag im College in die Arme läuft, ihr bei dieser großen Herausforderung hilft oder hindert?

Ich liebe Bücher die vor der Kulisse eines amerikanischen Colleges spielen. Warum kann ich gar nicht genau sagen, vielleicht habe ich zu viele Filme und Serien gesehen, die das US-Collegeleben thematisieren und romantisieren. Alleine deshalb habe ich mich schon mal auf das Buch gefreut. Und egal wie schnulzig diese Liebesgeschichte auch wird, ich wollte es trotzdem lesen. Ja es war kitschig, aber wisst ihr was? Manchmal ist ein bisschen Kitsch genau das Richtige. Die Charaktere in dem Buch waren leider bloß Klischees die nicht viel mit der echten Welt zu tun haben, trotzdem fand ich sie ganz in Ordnung. Scott zeigt in diesem Buch die Probleme und Unsicherheiten des Erwachsen Werdens und der Liebe auf eine dramatische Art und Weiße. Es handelt sich dabei jedoch um eine etwas unrealistische und kitschige Geschichte, die ich dann doch irgendwie ganz süß fand.

Ich hätte mir niemals gedacht, dass ich dieses Buch so sehr mögen werde. An sich habe ich mit Liebesgeschichten nur wenig am Hut, zumindest in Buchform. Doch ich wollte schon länger mal ein paar Bücher aus dem New Adult Genre lesen, da es doch manchmal öde ist, immer wieder die Probleme und Gedanken von 16 Jährigen zu hören. Und dann finde ich mich inmitten einer Romanze wieder, die mich mehr mitnimmt als so manch andere Liebesgeschichte in Büchern zuvor. Vielleicht war ich gerade in Stimmung für etwas seichtes. An sich war das Buch ganz nett aber nichts besonderes. Es wird mir wohl nur in Erinnerung bleiben weil es mein erstes New Adult Buch war.

It was a bit hard for me to review this book. I read it when I studied for my final exam in grad school so I was very stressed out and needed something light and easy to read. I found it in this book and it was perfect to distract myself from my exam. But was this book good? I think it was okay. It was very corny and the characters were highly generic. Also the ending is just so cheesy I could not take it. But after all I found myself liking the story. It was also my the first New Adult book that I ever read so maybe I was just happy that I did not have to deal with whiney teenager anymore. It was a quick read and the pacing was really fast. If you are searching for an easy love story set in college with a lot of teen angst and growing up, maybe give this book a chance. It was not bad and I kind of even had a lot of feelings while reading it.


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Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble. It has been for a long time now. She still loves her husband Neal but mistakes were made and can’t be made undone. Rainbow Rowell’s new book Landline is about the difficulties a marriage brings but it is also a love story. Set around Christmas this book is the perfect read for everybody who wants a non-traditional Holliday book. Landlinegrey-1-e1381519474537-300x441Landline is funny, sad and romantic all at once.

Georgie McCool has to look forward to the most important meeting of her career. She can finally write her own comedy show and can get out from the one she is working on now. But there is one problem. She has to work all trough her Christmas vacation time. So she is unable to go with her husband Neal to Omaha to visit his parents. Neal is devastated but he lets Georgie stay in LA to write her show while he and their two kids travel to Omaha. Georgie soon realizes how bad she misses Neal but she can’t get him on the phone. Has she ruined her marriage? Will Neal leave her? When she calls Neal on the Landline in her childhood bedroom she finally talks to Neal, but not to the Neal she imagined.

First of all you all should know how good a writer Rainbow Rowell is. She is the queen of dialog. Her stories hit you right in the heart and the will stay with you for a long time. Her characters are just so loveable and you can identify with them immediately. Rainbow just gets me. She is also very funny which is rare in YA contemporary. I just love her books. So after reading Eleanor and Park and Fangirl I read Landline and of course I loved it. This book is not YA so maybe it is not for everybody. I had no problem with it though. I did love Fangirl and Eleanor and Park a little bit more but that is just because this books are so freaking good.

Landline-Rainbow-RowellWith Landline Rainbow Rowell does something that could have been really corny. She gives her story a element of magical realism. In this story there is a magic phone but it fit into the plot perfectly. The fact that it was not explained and not talked about made it seem as if it just belongs there. Georgie McCool s different form the rest of Rainbow Rowell’s characters. She is social and has more self esteem don some of her characters. This is her story and the story about her marriage. Like a lot of marriages hers also has problems. She knew that there were some problems but now she finally realizes that there also need to be actions to fix this problems. She recalls how she met her husband in the first place and remembers all their important moments. This was a great idea because it allows us readers to meet Georgie and Neal before they had problems in times where they were genuinely happy. Both of them made mistakes which makes them real. Landline also follows questions like: Can you choose with whom you fall in love? Can you have a successful career and also a happy marriage?  How can two people fit their lives together?

There were a lot of “What if’s”. Georgie thinks her whole marriage and all her decisions through. This made me connect to her because I too think a lot about “What if’s”. Neal and Georgie fall in love. They marry. They have kids. But somewhere on the way they stopped communicating and end up in a really lonely place. So if you want to read a love story that is not cheesy and full of sob stuff you should check Landline out because it is a book about real people and real problems. I will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And it will feel just wonderful.


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