Falling Kingdoms Book Discussion


Falling Kingdoms is a fantasy book series by Morgan Rhodes. It will contain six books. As of now three books are released. The fourth book will be coming out in December 2015. The setting of the books is Mytica, a country with three kingdoms where magic is long forgotten. Mytica is divided into Auranos, the southern country in which people life in wealth. In the north there is Limeros which is highly religious. Between Limeros and Auranos sits Paelsia, the poor country which gets exploited by the Auranos people. The main characters in Falling Kingdoms are Cleo, youngest daughter of Auranos King, Magnus, heir of the king in Limeros, Lucia who also lives in Limeros royal family but who seems to have a different heritage. There also is Jonas, a rebel who searches for justice. Soon the four of them will meet and nothing will ever be the same.


SPOILER – If you have not read the book don’t read any further



Falling Kingdoms  

The first book in this saga starts out with Cleo travelling to Paelsia to seek out some whine sellers with her friend Aaron. But there is in incident in which Aaron kills Jonas brother, supposedly in self defence. This event will trigger a war between the three countries of Mytica. Magnus will help his father to rise to power. Cleo wants to keep her kingdom save and Jonas wants revenge for his dead brother. This book was magical and fantastical. There were some big surprises that I did not see coming. I loved the writing and world building. We slowly get to know this strange country. I also loved everything that had to do with old myths and watchers. This book series seems to be inspired by Game of Thrones a little bit because characters can die really quickly here. But I think our four main characters will stand until the end.


Rebel Spring

Rebel Spring is set after the events of Falling Kingdoms. The Limeros King rules the whole country know and rebel groups are forming with Jonas as their leader. Cleo is a prisoner in her own home, Magnus is still obsessed with his feelings for Lucia and Lucia is becoming more and more darker. Her powers will soon corrupt her. This book was full of action, so much is happening. At the end of the book so much has changed. I loved how the story progressed but sometimes the pacing was too slow for my taste. There was also a lot of repetition which was unnecessary. But the last 100 pages made up for the slowness of the novel because all hell is getting loose. After reading Rebel Spring I immediately had to pick up the next book in the series.


Gathering Darkness

All of the characters are searching for the Kindred, a magical artefact that will lead to limitless power. The hunt for the kindred turns into a crazy chase that will end in destruction. This was my favourite book in this series because it concentrated more on the magical aspects of the story.  Again, so much happened and the end seems to set up a whole other problem for our protagonists. My other favourite part of this books where the relationships that are finally forming between the characters. I have to say I ship Cleo and Jonas even if I know most of you ship Cleo and Magnus. But I just can’t see them together. My favourite character is Lucia. From book one she is mysterious and flawed. I think she will go through a lot of character development in the next book. But of course I also love the other characters and can’t wait to find out what will happen next.



Frozen Tides

The forth book in the series will come out in December 2015. It features Lucia on the cover and seems like it will be set in Limeros. I hope we will see more of Lucia in this book and of the gods who were awakened in the last book. I think she will become evil and revengeful because of the betrayal and death of her first love. I don’t think anyone can control her anymore and she will use her power to get out her anger. Cleo and Magnus will probably have more scenes together and will get to know each other better. I can’t wait to read this book. Tell me what you think will happen and tell me how you like this series so far



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