Rank it: A Song of Ice and Fire (so far)

Rank it is a new art of Blogpost I hope to do more often with books and movies. I want to show you how I would rank books and movie of a series. That does not mean that books and movies that are not ranked high are automatically bad. I just love some books more than other. I’m starting with the first 5 books of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I love all of them and gave all a 5 star rating. But there are books that I like even more than others in this series. So here is my ranking of them.


105725: A Clash of Kings

This is my least favourite book in this series because I think not a lot is happening. We get introduced to Stannis, Renly and Davos. There are some chapters with Theon Greyjoy as a POV and I thought they are really boring. I also don’t like Renly Stannis and Davos a lot. But of course I still loved it because the world that George R. R. Martin has created here is so rich in detail and so amazing that all his books are great.





919-FLL37TL4: A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones is on place 4 because I watched the first two seasons before I started reading the series. So the first book was not as interesting for me because I knew a lot already from the TV shoe. There is also a lot of Exposition and so many characters to keep track of. You learn a little bit of history of Westeros and you learn how everyone is intertwined and related to each other. This is hard to get through when you need to get to know the characters first.





dance_with_dragons3: A Dance with Dragons

I recently read A Dance of Dragons and even if it is not the longest book in the series, for it still was the longest. Martin looses himself in all the descriptions. There are just too many descriptions. I found Asha’s chapter really boring and missed Kings Landing. But there were Dragons and Dany’s chapters were so good. I also liked that there was a shift and some major characters took journeys that I did not expected them too.





81xHKn-bXSL2: A Storm of Swords

This book was the longest in the series so far and it is the one with the most action. It is fast paced and so much is happening. Mostly I could not tell what would happen next and I loved that this book was so unpredictable. Also the Red Wedding happens in this book. I really loved it but it is not my favourite even if it is most people’s favourite book in the series. It could only get to second place because there was a book I even liked more than this one.





gameofthrones41: A Feast for Crows

I loved it. I know a lot of you don’t love it as much as the other because it has no John Snow, no Tyrion and no Dany. I missed Dany dearly but it had Drone and I love Dorne so much. I want to see more from Dorne it seems to be an amazing place. A Feast for Crows also had great chapters set in Kings Landing. I loved that in this book so many women were POV. Cersei’s chapters were so good and I can’t wait to see how her story will go on.

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