Parks and Recreation Series Review


I’m still not over the fact that Parks and Recreations is over. The series finale premiered a few weeks ago and now I’m ready to write a series review about this amazing TV show. For all of you who do not know Parks and Recreation, this show is about the people working in the parks department in the fictional town Pawnee in set in Indiana. The heart of this show is Amy Poehler who plays Leslie Knope, the head of the parks department. This show ran from 2009 until 2015 over the course of 7 seasons. The cast also features Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Jim O’Heir and Retta. The first season of this comedy series received mixed reviews and I must say that I did not like it. But the writing turned around and the second season was so much better. This show is funny, has heart and hilarious scenes throughout its 7 seasons.


It took me a long time to get into Parks and Rec. I did not like the first season, I found it dumb and awful. But thanks to a dear friend of mine I kept watching and it started to get better and better. I think what really drew me in was Leslie Knope’s enthusiasm which knows no boundaries and her heart-warming friendship to Ann Perkins. Leslie loves Ann unconditionally and you can really feel their special bond. It loved that this show did not concentrate on love story too much. Leslie Knope is an independent and strong woman who does not need a man to make her life worth living. But of course she goes on dates and wants to fall in love. I loved that a TV show is showing woman as such unique characters. Ann, April, Donna and Leslie are such interesting characters and I love them all. Of course the men in this show are also equally great. Pawnee would not be the same without them.

Parks and Recreation

Now that the last season is over I feel like the finale came at exactly the right time. In the 6 season Parks and Rec does something that was truly shocking. The show jumps three years into the future and it seems like this is the end. But there is another season coming which is set in the year 2017. A jump into the future were we can’t see what is happening to the characters is bold to pull off, especially with a comedy show that is not as plot driven as drama series. But it works incredibly well. The time jump is included with a lot of future pop culture references that are mad funny. The last season had only 13 episodes and all were under the theme of moving, growing up and saying good bye. So there was a lot relying on the last episode because in the past we had to endure too many bad series finales. Fortunately Parks and Rec ended beautifully. The show went full circle and we got the closure we wanted. There are a lot of flash forwards that let us see what our beloved characters are up to in the next few years. It got a little confusing with all this time jumps but I loved that we got to see what is happening after this last season. So if you are searching for a light and amazing comedy series, I highly recommend that you check out Parks and Recreation, especially because you can marathon all the season, now that it ended.


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