All the Bright Places Book Review

9780385755887_p0_v1_s260x420All the Bright Places is a new Young Adult book that was released in January 2015 by Jennifer Niven. It is about two teenagers that meet under unusual circumstances. Violet and Finch meet, standing at the edge of the school bell tower. Both are thinking about jumping. At this exact moment they embark on a journey together, a journey through loss and hardship. Violet’s sister died in tragic car accident. Finch has a troubling home life and is suffering from mental illness.

This book was such a surprise hit for me. It got praised a lot so I was a little bit worried because most times I don’t like hyped books as much as others would. But this book was amazing. The writing was poetic and beautiful. I read some passages over and over again because I loved the writing style so much. I’m also not a fan of dual perspectives but here it worked perfectly. The voices of Violet and Finch were so different and you could immediately tell whose chapter it was. For this story it helped a lot to have two perspectives because it is not just Violets journey and it is not only Finch journey. They evolve in different paces in and I loved it. It was an amazing reading experience and as you can tell I’m really in love with this one. What a perfect contemporary stand alone.

This book is about so much more than just a story of teenagers. If you ever felt lost in this world and could not see through all the grey clouds on the horizon, this book will remind you that you can find bright places in every dark time in your life. Bright Places crept up to me and caught me totally off guard. I heard amazing things about this book but at the end of it I was so surprised about what I just read. I rarely cried so much when reading a book than with this one. Similar to Eleanor and Park and The Fault in Our Stars I was in tears and had to put the book down several times because I got so emotional towards the end of it. But I think people should judge the book on its own. It is not Eleanor & Park and it is not The Fault in Our Stars. It is something completely unique and beautiful. Bright Places will make my list of Top Ten Books of 2015 and the year is only just beginning. So this is saying something. I would recommend it to everyone who loves YA or thinks YA is stupid. Read this one and maybe you see that there deeper things hidden in young adult shelves than you thought.

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  1. […] All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – This new release was all I hoped for. It was beautifully written and poetic. It brought me to tears and was thoughtprovoking in a great way. This will be one of my favorite books thisw year. 5 of 5 stars […]

    Gefällt mir

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