Parenthood Series Review

Last week the NBC show Parenthood aired for the last time. After six seasons we finally have to say goodbye to the Braverman family and it’s not only sad. The series ended with one of its best scenes. But first let me introduce you to this great TV show that you maybe not know.


Parenthood revolves around the Braverman family covering three generations. There is patriarch Zeek Braverman, married to Camille Braverman. The two raised four children who have families of their own. Adam and Christina are parents to a teenage daughter Haddie and a younger son Max who has Asperger syndrome. They struggle with the normal problems of parents but also with the immense challenge of having a child with special needs. Then there is Adams sister Sarah who is divorced and has two teenagers, Amber and Drew. In the beginning of the show, Sarah moves back in to her parent’s house to get her life together. She was married to a musician and drug addict who was never there for her kids. She wants to start fresh in San Francisco with her children. Adams and Sarahs sister Julia is married to Joel and the two of them have a little girl named Sydney. Julia is a Lawyer and works long hours while Joel is a stay at home dad. This gets them into arguments because it is not always easy for Joel to sacrifice his career. And then there is the youngest of the Braverman, Crosby. In the beginning of the series he learns that he has a fife year old son and he struggles to be a good dad and to grow up himself.


Parenthood is not only a show about being a parent. It is a show about being a kid about life, hardship, love and family. I loved these six seasons that were truly compelling and unexpectedly memorable. This is not your average TV drama where crazy stuff happens and every season has at least one car crash. Parenthood is subtle but there is still drama. Of course sometimes it looks too constructed. It does lack a little bit of authenticity and could learn some things form a show like Friday Night Lights which is really realistic besides the whole murder mystery plot. But parenthood kept me watching and even if there are some episodes that are a little over the top most of the time the show was consistent with its premise. Truthfully the last two seasons felt not an s genuine as the other four. I felt manipulated into crying a lot because the series got very sad and soppy. This was also the case for the last season. Some scenes felt forced. But then fans of this series were completely satisfied. Everything I wanted to happen for this last season and for the series finale happened. Characters that we haven’t seen for some times came back and it ended with this beautiful scene every one of us hoped to see. We also got closure to what happens with the Braverman clan and I can promise you: they will be okay.


So if you are searching for a powerful series about life, growing up and family you should give this one a go. There are a lot of actors you will know from other shows like Lauren Graham who plays a lead role and Peter Krause who plays Grahams brother. Dax Shepard and Mae Whitman are also part of the main cast. I loved this show and after watching the series finale I immediately started watching the first season again. But be aware, it is highly addictive.


Watchable ♥♥♥♥♥

Loveable ♥♥♥♥♥

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