Top 10 Movies of 2014

The year is nearly over and I want to present you my Top 10 Movies of 2014. I know some of you may find this listing odd or you may miss some popular films. My listing is really haphazardly, only the dirt three movies were clear for me. These are just my highlights in 2014. This ranking is not necessary indent with my ratings of the individual movies. I just thought about all the movies I saw in 2014 and the ones that made the most perminant impressions got a place on this list. Tell me what your favourite movies of this year are.


Love-Rosie-new-poster (1)#10: Love, Rosie

This movie is a book adaptation from the book where the rainbow ends by Cecilia Ahern. When I watched the trailer for the movie I knew that I would love it. Then after some time I remembered that I even read the book, but it was years ago. So I had to watch this movie and Lily Collins and Sam Claflin were just so adorable. Also the movie is funny and not completely full of rom-com clichés. If you want to watch a really cute love story check this one out. You can find my review to this movie here.






#9: 22 Jump Street

The sequel to 21 Jump Street is finally here and it is even better than the first one. Channign Tatum and Jonah Hill have so much chemistry together and I laughed through the whole movie. 22 Jump Street has also the best end credit scenes I have ever seen. I’m definitely going to watch this movie over and over again. You can find my review to this movie here.





fault-our-stars-movie-poster#8: The Fault in our Stars

I love John Green and all of his books. So I had extremely high expectations for his first book adaptation and I was not disappointed. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are perfect as Gus and Hazel. They had me in tears after their first few scenes together. I just loved this movie and I already watched it more than three times. I know the two characters are talking more like old people than like teenagers but that is just the charmed of John Greens writing. This movie is sad but also gives a lot of hope and it is not just a soppy love story. You can find my review to this movie here.




interstellar-teaserposter#7: Interstellar

Nolan’s Space Movie was visually one of the most impressive movies in 2014. The acting was on point, the score was great and the story made me want more. I liked the fact that this movie deals with deeper meanings in humankind is not just a space movie with too much action. I had some problems with the ending because for me it was too long and too corny but after all this was a really great movie and Nolan took a lot of risks for his project, which for the most part played off. You can find my review to this movie here.




lego_movie_ver9_xlg#6: Lego Movie

A film completely made out of Lego? This is the dream of every kid that loved to play with the colourful bricks. Lego Movie has nearly everything a perfect movies needs. It has action, friendships, adventure, fun characters and catchy songs. The only thing that lacked for me just a tiny bit was the emotion. Lego Movie is a joyful experience but another animation film got me chocked up which Lego Movie could not do. Never less this was an amazing movie that you can watch over and over again.




how_to_train_your_dragon_two_ver7_xxlg#5: How to train your Dragon 2

For me this is the best animation picture of the year. A lot of people criticized that How to train your Dragon 2 had too many storylines packed into it and that it was just too much. I did not feel this way. I loved the fast pacing and the movie hit home with some pretty emotional scenes. So for me, it was a little bit better than Lego Movie. I just love Toothless and his relationship with Hicks. This movie shows how important friendship and family is and is overall a fun and gripping film to watch. You can find my review to this movie here.




The_Hunger_Games-_Mockingjay_#4: Mockingjay Part 1

As always the third Hunger Games instalment was an incredibly movie. Mockingjay is darker and more violent than the first two movies. There are no games. There are no fancy dresses and funny TV interviews. There is just war and propaganda. I applaud the film team of Mockingjay to make that transition seem believable. They could have done a lot of things wrong and the movie would have sucked. But this piece shows that The Hunger Games are not another YA boook adaptation. The Hunger Games evolve into a mature last book with very little YA and a lot of action and warfare. You can find my review to this movie here.



Short_Term_12#3: Short Term 12

Short Term 12 was released in 2013 so it is technically not a 2014 movie but I don’t think it played in our cinemas here in Austria. The DVD release however was in 2014 so I count this film to my 2014 movies. Short Term 12 follows Brie Larson who plays a supervisor of a group home for troubled teenager. This movie came as a total surprise to me. I love indie films and I heard good things about it but I was highly impressed by Larson’s raw, emotional performance. If you are a sucker for indie movies and love good acting, check out Short Term 12.




Boyhood#2: Boyhood

Boyhood is a coming-of-age drama written and directed by Richard Linklater. Coming-of-age stories are my favourite type of movies. So it was clear that I would love Boyhood because this film is special. The movie took 11 years to make so that the cast could get older in real time. It is a very quiet and subtle film. There is no big drama there is just family live of a normal family. The movie centres on first time actor Ellar Coltrane who we see growing up trough this film. I was amazed by the actors and also by the dedication that everybody must have had to make such a unique film.




Gone-Girl-Poster#1: Gone Girl

Gone Girl was my number one film this year. I was hyped since I heard that Ben Affleck is going to play Nick and David Fincher is directing the movie. Gone Girl is not my favourite movie because it is a book adaptation. In fact I hated the book but I love David Finchers work. I knew he could make a suspenseful film out of this dull book. But who would have thought he made that good of a movie? The cinematography was beautiful and there were so much powerful scenes I had to watch this movie over and over again. There was also one big surprise and it was Rosamund Pike. She delivered the performance of her life and played better than everybody else in this movie. Gone Girl will be one of my favourite movies ever because for me it was just that good. You can find my review to this movie here.


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