The Mara Dyer Trilogy – Bookdiscussion

Mara Dyer wakes up in a hospital and has no memory of what happened to her. Her parents tell her that she was in an accident in which her friends died and she was left unharmed. But weird things start happening to Mara and so she thinks there is more to that accident than people are telling her. Over the course of three books Mara Dyer tries to find answers and experiences a lot of strange stuff. Michelle Hodgkin is the authors behind the Mara Dyer books and I really have to thank her for them. They were a great book series to read. All three books were fast paced; action packed but also had intense scenes without action. I’ve read the three Mara Dyer books in one week which is very fast for me because I’m a slow reader. So the Mara Dyer books were a great reading experience for me.


11408650The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The first book in the Mara Dyer Series introduces us to Mara. She is a teenager who suffered from a severe trauma but she has no memory of it. To get a fresh start she moves to Florida with her family. In Florida she meets Noah who does seem to know her very well already. I loved the first book. It was so suspenseful and creepy at some times. I could not put this book down it was way to gripping. It is a psychological thriller with a few paranormal elements. Mara is an untrustworthy narrator. You do not know what is real and what is really happening. Michelle Hodgkin does a great job with the setup of the story. Also her dialog is hilarious and so full of sarcasm. I especially loved the snarky dialog scenes between Mara and Noah. There are a lot of twists in this book. Some of them are quite expected other were totally unexpected and caught me off guard. That was all for my non-spoiler review so if you have not read the book and if you do not want to get spoiled, don’t read any further.




Very annoying was that some characters are full of stereotypes. Noah is your typical bad boy which will be redeemed by Mara. I know this kind of thing is trending right now in YA literature but I don’t like it at all. Also Mara’s friend Jamie is full of clichés. He is a black gay guy who is adopted. Can it get even more stereotypical? And then there is Mara and Noah’s relationship. I loved that they took it slow. It was not instalove. But Mara’s greatest problem is that she first thinks she is not good enough for Noah and then fears of hurting him. That’s really frustrating. And sometimes the times where Noah and Mara get physical were kind of inappropriate. Like when Mara drinks the animal blood and wakes up in Noah’s bedroom. The first thing they are doing is getting it on? Is that really the situation for that? But besides those minor flaws I loved this book and I was never bored with it. I immediately bought the next two books. I would recommend buying all three books at once because the first two books are ending with major cliff hangers.




843762The Evolution of Mara Dyer

The second picks up where the first book left off. Mara wakes up in the psych ward of the hospital. She has to drop out of school and go to an outpatient program which is run by the suspicious Dr.Kells. This book is even creepier than the first one. It’s so frustrating that no one beliefs Mara. I wanted to throw this book against a wall. Every time Mara’s life starts to improve something unbelievable cruel or unfair happens to her. It was so frustrating and depressing. Mara is living in a total nightmare. You can also not trust Mara because who really knows what is real and what not? I thought the ending was great. I did not see it coming. But there were too little explanations. A wanted a few more answers because there were a lot more questions. But the few answers we got were very well interwoven with the story and fit in perfectly. I also loved the chapters of Mara’s Grandmother which were so interesting. I wanted to read more and more of her and her life.




15768409The Retribution of Mara Dyer

The last book of Mara Dyer left me wanting more. I wanted more explanations, more answers and more of the story. It was a good conclusion to the story but it was not great. I will not say too much about the plot because you should really go into this reading experience without knowing too much. The book was super fast paced. Mara did go through a lot of character development and was really bad ass here. But maybe she was a little bit too ruthless. I know it gets explained why she is so hardcore but still. The last book was darker and more depressing than the first two but there were still a few funny and snarky dialog scenes which I loved. I had a few issues with the ending. I hate when last books in a series starting switching perspectives. We never got Noah’s perspective in the first two books but now right at the ending there we have it. We are in Noah’s head. So basically this means Mara dies and we need Noah’s perspective to narrate the end. Or does it? I hate it when something like this happens. We had it in Allegiant and it was awful. It also does not work in the Retribution. I also felt that there were too many loose ends that were not tied up. And what is up with Noah’s powers? He can cure cancer and change the world? How!!?? I wanted to know more of the powers. Where are they coming from? I wanted more details about the powers and about Mara’s Grandmothers life. I just wanted more backstory. And if Jamie can manipulate people, why did his parents not belief him? And where is Stella? What is up with Mara’s family? How did the capsules get into Maras body without a scar? As you can see I had a lot of questions. Or maybe I did not pay a lot of attention so correct me if some of these things were explained.

The ending was too rushed for me. And after dying and coming back from the dead Mara and Noah decide to get to the apartment and have sex? Well ok I guess they are teenagers. So we get the sexy chapter and then directly after it comes the epilogue? That is way too fast. And also after everything that has happened and after discovering that Mara and Noah are so important and that their powers are so intense they decide that they do not care about the world and the misery they could end. They just want to be together. I waited the whole time that Mara has an epiphany and leaves after some time together to help Noah heal the world. But NO. They want to be a couple and that is all. So even if I wanted to see them get together this ending falls flat for me.

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